An Update on Coronavirus

*Updated Friday, May 22nd as Phase II Begins*

Dear ‘Nuts,

     Grapenuts has always had a commitment to the community of Wilson, and due to the recent developments with the virus, we would like to continue to maintain our high standards and prove Grapenuts is still a great – and safe – place to enjoy. 

Please know that our store will remain open, is continually sanitized, and will maintain a consistent level of cleanliness. 

Starting Tuesday March 31st, we will no longer allow persons under the age of 21 in the store. We also ask that if you feel sick: STAY HOME. If you still need wine, please call ahead and pay for your order over the phone. If possible, please get someone over the age of 21 to pick up your order for you. We are happy to carry out any order to the car. This is in an effort to minimize exposure to both our customers and staff. We continue to offer sanitary products at the door for your care and convenience.

Also, as we strive to limit exposure to wine bottles and other items in the store, we would like to propose a more “personalized” customer service experience, where the managers will be happy to show you products with as little public contact to items as possible. If you would like to contact us ahead of time, we can always put an order together for you to simplify your purchase.

We will also begin our Friday tastings again, from 5-7pm, starting June 5th. We will require adequate social distancing during the tastings, and we ask that anyone coming to tastings wear a mask if possible. All staff and distributor reps will be wearing masks during the tasting. We are going to limit the number of people in the store to 15 people at a time during tastings. 

We are excited to see our regular contingent on Fridays, and hope that we can enjoy sharing new wines together while being smart and safe at the same time.

We are striving to keep our employees and customers safe.  As we continue to monitor the situation closely, Grapenuts will remain open for business and are committed to providing an outstanding experience for our customers.


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